Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) Masterclass

Empowering Professionals to Excel in BRSR Reporting and Lead ESG Integration and Responsible Governance

Program overview

The Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) Masterclass equips professionals with the expertise to navigate the complexities of ESG integration and shape a sustainable future. As SEBI's mandate reshapes the reporting landscape, organizations seek experts proficient in BRSR reporting to drive sustainable business practices and create value for stakeholders. This Masterclass offers comprehensive training, culminating in the coveted BRSR Expert Certification, validating your expertise.

We also conduct masterclasses for other frameworks used globally such as GRI Standards, SASB Standards, and the TCFD.  

Highlights of our program

Comprehensive Learning Journey

Embark on a comprehensive learning journey facilitated by industry-leading experts, equipping you with the necessary skills and knowledge to comprehend, compose, and lead in the domain of BRSR reporting.

Practical Application for Real-World Impact

Engage in 75 hours of in-depth learning over 8 weeks, focusing on practical skills and tools essential for successfully managing the complexities of BRSR reporting. Through quizzes, assessments, and a final project, you'll apply your learning to create impactful BRSR reports that showcase expertise in sustainability and responsible governance.

Expert Facilitation and Certification

Benefit from expert facilitation by Sundharesan Jayamoorthi, a thought leader in sustainability and ESG practices. Upon completion, receive the prestigious BRSR Expert Certification, validating your expertise and positioning you as an industry leader in the field of ESG and sustainability reporting.


Comprehensive Knowledge

Delve deep into the fundamentals of BRSR reporting, implementation strategies, and effective stakeholder engagement under the guidance of industry experts. Equip yourself with a holistic understanding of BRSR principles to navigate the complexities of corporate responsibility reporting with confidence.

Impactful Reporting

Learn the art of crafting compelling BRSR reports that not only comply with regulations but also resonate with stakeholders. Develop the skills to showcase sustainability initiatives and responsible governance practices effectively, positioning yourself as a frontrunner in the field of BRSR reporting.

Strategic Leadership

Elevate your leadership capabilities to drive sustainable business practices and contribute to a responsible and sustainable future. Gain insights into leading organizational change towards sustainability and fostering a culture of corporate responsibility within your organization and beyond.


What is the BRSR Masterclass and who is it designed for ?

The BRSR Masterclass is designed for professionals working in sustainability reporting, sustainability management, and corporate governance seeking to enhance their expertise in BRSR reporting.

What are the key benefits of participating in the BRSR Masterclass ?

Participants gain comprehensive knowledge of BRSR fundamentals, learn to craft impactful reports, and lead in driving sustainable business practices. The program offers strategic leadership opportunities and enhances career prospects in the evolving field of ESG reporting.

How do I enroll in the BRSR Masterclass ?

To enroll in the BRSR Masterclass, contact us via email or phone, or visit our website to learn more and register for the program.

How can I stay updated on upcoming BRSR Masterclass events and news ?

Stay informed about upcoming BRSR Masterclass events, news, and updates by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media, and regularly checking our website for announcements.

What networking opportunities are available through the BRSR Masterclass ?

Participants have access to networking events, workshops, and online forums where they can connect with industry experts and peers in sustainability reporting and corporate governance.

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