Anyuta Dhir

Vice President Human Resources - Fintech Startup

Anyuta’s journey, experience and story of success, inspiration and motivation

Posted 11/1/24
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Anyuta has multi-facet exposure of over two decades in Human Resources and Employee Experience with an emphasis on employee engagement and measurement. She has holistic exposure interacting with clients and has worked across geographies like the US, UK, Europe, France, and Asia Pacific region at various organizational levels and capacities in Large, Mid-Size, and Start-up firms. Has gained both national & international experience in diverse sectors, including Fintech (BFSI), Ed-Tech, Energy & Environment (Water/ Waste Solutions)/ Manufacturing, FMCG/ Retail Healthcare & IT/ ITES. Having worked with the Leading entrepreneurial industrialists of India in their family ventures while also working with Large Global Corporate Giants.

- She comes with a Strong IT / ITES background having both Academic and professional experience to her credit, starting from Silicon Valley, California. Over the years, she has enabled multiple organizations to meet their Digital Footprint also in the HR Domain, making them future-ready for scaling up their workforce.

- HR – IT, OD & TRANSFORMATION INTERVENTION ~ - As a Subject Matter Expert, Anyuta has formulated recruitment strategies, transformational HR & OD initiatives, developing & implementing best HR practices, Employee Experiences & IT Systems while creating work environments that attract & hold top-notch talent. She holds knowledge in AI & RPA space for HR & Analytics, plus hands-on knowledge in the latest and Agile Market Trends.

- HR STRATEGY ARCHITECT & OPERATIONAL LEADERSHIP ~ As a professional, has core skills in turning challenging conditions into success stories through a proprietary vision, long-term business insight, strategic planning, executive decision-making, critical thinking, and contingency management efficiencies. Over the years, has functioned as a Consultant for leading global companies.

- Apart from MBA, she holds a Masters in Computer Science. She has a specialization in Human Resources Management from India's premium league education setup, i.e., Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow, and recently completed a Sr. Executive Leadership Prog. in Adv HRM for CHROs from XLRI. Anyuta holds a Certificate in Life Coaching Skills from International Coaching Federation USA. Anyuta is a Graduate of Curriculum for Living and Introduction Leader from the biggest informal university of its kind based on the Ontological Study of Being (the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being) from the Landmark Education worldwide headquartered in San Francisco, California USA.

I Was Once Asked if I Was Draupadi or Arjun in the Corporate Mahabharata

Over the trajectory of my career span and having worked across multiple industries, my thoughts on Women's Leadership are questions to the self.

Draupadi or Arjun?

Why Draupadi? - What does it take to think from Draupadi’s perspective? - How would she look at the corporate world …?

1. Her conviction and take on Kauravas…
2. Draupadi had the advantage of the Pandavas and she put it to good use…
3. When Draupadi lost her own children on the Battlefield …
Do a feedback session with your direct reports asking them to share their opinion with brutal honesty anonymously ensuring confidentiality and that nothing will be held against them. Questions to ask others may be:
Consider having a Coach or a mentor or a trusted confident / adviser
4. When Draupadi took a stand on not tying her hair until smeared with the Blood of Duryodhana …
Why Arjun?

What it takes to Being Arjun …

1. Arjun’s hold on the skill of archery and his response to Dronacharya at the Gurukul, as ONLY SEEING the BIRD’s EYE as the GOAL
2. Arjun is a part of the Pandavas who were the heir to the throne
3. Arjun’s awakening to self-awareness and spiritual elevation after listening to the song of Gita by the Lord Almighty himself
4.  Arjun being able to resurrect this will and grit to fight the war of righteousness / Dharma
5. Arjun’s mindset while at war
And at the end, seeing that the only constant is change, while the world will remain thus and being present to the fact that…


Which is yet another Thought-Provoking story I derive inspiration from, probably to be elaborated another time another day…

In a nutshell, either Draupadi or Arjun … keeping a detached frame of mind, having faith and confidence in my professional skills and strengths today, I have been able to sustain myself in the industry for over two decades in the business in sync, maintaining strengthened ties with one and all.

Elevating the humanity quotient Of HR in a world less loved

With the world moving towards digitization, Machine seems to be overtaking Mankind with their unsurpassable ability to learn and accomplish, far more, in perfection. Artificial intelligence seems more intelligent than its human counterpart.

Amidst the noise of crowdsourcing, Gig Workforce, WFH, business strategy, tactics, and operations planning, HR with its practices and policies seem to be playing a referee in the world of corporate governance and politics.

Where Talent in a pool seems to be racing twice as fast to be able to sustain oneself in a category of star performers, high potentials, key performers or be on the fast track in an attempt to tread the limelight yet keep away from being an outlier. Moonlighting and great resignation have made their way amongst Gen Z towards self-sustenance.

What seems more important in the daily churn being a part of the never-ending rat race, is achieving the best which is the very nature of the mindset. Gaining name and fame, chasing after the self-created pursuits which one tends to strive for more the more one attains. In this fast-paced cosmopolitan lifestyle performing or perishing, do or die seems the only way of survival.

In this game called globalization, international boundaries seem to vanish turning the world into a global village, continuously building pressure with population and pollution nonetheless. Compelling Mother Nature to shrink to dangerous limits seems to be a minuscule matter, not rather thought of, even though it poses a threat to our very existence. The world seems to be caving into a black hole phenomenon of stress.
Human Resource needs to rethink its bell curves, talent pools, career progressions, and succession plans. Much like Arjun who saw nothing but only the bird’s eye, the Humanity Quotient can be a point of focus. Much can be tapped & seeped into from the mythological knowledge banks with the advantage of being a part of one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

The true calling of HR is to have humaneness come up and about, like a supersonic self-guided missile in all the resources, source fully or resourcefully. Be the game changer, a platform provider, in addition, an enabler causing transformation by leaps and bounds, also adding up to causing transition of the very "Being" of Humans in various ontological ways empowering and impacting their performance capabilities.

If the prevailing education system could not institutionalize the humanness of ‘Being’, today HR can take inspiration from the rich and endless resourcefulness of what Indian mythology in its teachings has to offer corporate governance bringing on to the table, reintroducing new flavors of work ethics and integrity strengthening the backbone of people and culture.

In a culture where more is less, and less is termed as a failure, chasing after - or, becoming a victim of self-created circumstances, are fast to cause stress, burnout, and mental distress. In scenarios  such as this, HR may strive to cause ontological awareness on being ‘whole’, ‘complete’, and ‘perfect’ given whatever the prevailing scene. This can be fructified by intercepting the world of Ontology - the very science of being. Work can be done towards expanding the SELF via emphasizing empathy, developing inner peace, listening, and expanding self-reliance. Once an individual gets familiar with these nuances, the same can be built upon to be a support structure and cause it for others i.e. these self-sustaining life skills.

Innovation needs to be at its best to explore and avail platforms that provide ways and means to listen to your inner higher consciousness (meditation methods), de-stressing the stress, arts, and sciences of supporting the environment, help Mother Nature expand herself (drives to conserve the Planet), optimizing the utility of Nature’s bounty (resources extracted from Earth for human use including recycling once consumed), decluttering the clutter (Vastu).

All this, not having to reinvent the wheel but setting the wheel at a pace to enable a transformational shift.

Once a value is seen in the kind of work mentioned the only thing that needs to be done is to reach out to the available, such as;
Apart from the available ancient cognition, to achieve victory over the self, reinventing the self can also be done by using state-of-the-art, indigenous resources available i.e. MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), edX, TED talks, and the Coursera’s of the world.

There is but One Truth and all roads lead to the same destination, hence the relevant and the most suited path needs to be chosen keeping in mind the stage of the organization’s life cycle (Inception, Growth, Maturity, or Decline) also the current state of affairs with clarity on where it is to where it needs to go. (Vision Mission Focus)

Abhimanyu from Mahabharata is a suitable example to be quoted. His demonstration of the innovative skill needed to intercept the Chakravyūha is not only an example to learn from, but also a cue to elevate this art of interception by taking it to the next level - to awaken the embryonic state to a raised level of consciousness i.e. sustaining self towards a state of Victory.

Human Resources across industries need to tap this seamless, boundary-less ocean of knowledge to empower the workforce towards becoming self-rejuvenating talent pools via these tools of the Digital Age - Tapping into the very essence of existence thereby giving a chance to humanity to expand the Self as it has done, over the ages.

The outcome as I see will be;
This puts one in a place of UNLIMITING the LIMITLESS which gets limited due to self-created limits.

Companies need to be agile and think creatively about innovative approaches to adapt to the ‘New Normal’ as it’s critical to achieving Strategic, business, and Operational resilience.

If Human Resources wants to effect real change, being a transformation agent is the way to go. Thereby adding up to the mission of establishing organizations with effective corporate governance across levels. Agile companies will thrive as agility comes from their human capital. Companies that will inspire their workforce will win as their talent pools are their profit centers and HR must lead the way.

THE NEW NORMAL @ HR Policies A ready reckoner amidst COVID – 19, WFH & Labour Code

The world has gone through an impact that was not witnessed to such an extent, and the limited known was documented down the lanes of history of the last pandemic roughly a century ago. Though we are living in a technological era, are we ready to brace what we call “THE NEW NORMAL”?

For the need of the hour, the Industrial Relations Code has been introduced as a part of the labor legislation consolidations. This has complied labor code into four labor codes i.e. (i) Industrial Relations, (ii) Wages, (iii) Social Security, (iv) Welfare and Safety

Top Line HR policies impacted -
To adapt to the ‘New Normal’ Agile companies will thrive as agility comes from their Human Capital. Companies that will inspire their workforce will win as their talent pools are their profit centers and HR must lead the way.